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      Jiuzhou Electron Co., Ltd. has kept developed since its start-up in 1994. Now it has been a professional enterprise of fire igniter (spark generator) development and manufacture. our pulse and piezoelectric igniters, ignition electrodes and electrode assemblies, and other accessories are supplied to gas appliances like gas cookers, gas hobs, gas ovens and gas heaters.

      We never give up mechanization and automation in the production. The productivity has been improved to a high level together with the strict quality control. ISO9001:2000 has been well applied. There are three layers of test to assure the quality, so we can make sure all products delivered to customers are qualified. So far, we have got VDE, CSA, CE, ISO9001:2000, and our products have been passed RoHS test. R&D is vital in our company culture and we have a group of research team and a well equipped laboratory to enhance the quality of our products.

      Hence, we can provide our customers with the best goods and service but also the best supplier which we always strive to be.